Streamlined Entry Into Discord

Our three way integration between your Websites Checkout Process, Stripe, and Discord allows for seamless end user experience. Discord roles get configured directly on your products for granular permission assignments.
What we do

Monetize Your Private Discord Community In Three Easy Steps.

Daily Payouts

Direct deposits made to your accounts on a daily basis allow you to monetize and reinvest faster than ever.

No Hidden Fees

Save an average 58% on fees and reinvest that back into your community. We grow together.

Live Support

Our team of developers are equipped to handle any issues with direct phone support to a dedicated account specialist.
Sell Discord Memberships

Scale and Monetize Faster

Using Ternary Developments cloud platform from day one, OptionsSwing Inc. was able to scale rapidly without limitation. Faster processing meant more investable funds allowing for bigger advertising budgets!
What We Offer

Have a Single View of Your Members

Easily manage every memberships though our cloud-based platform accessible anytime on any device.
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Our Mission

To provide a subscription membership management platform

Our platform will allow you to provide a secure checkout experience, authenticate a new user into your private server, assign a customizable permission set based on roles, and remove that user instantly when their subscription expires. 

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Sell Discord Memberships

Integrate It.

We’ve shortened and simplified the entire integration process! You can now easily sell memberships directly on your Website, immediately collect payments through Stripe (can payout daily!), and securely authenticate them into Discord all in a matter of seconds!
Our Platform

Configure It.

Our platform is clean and user friendly allowing you to make quick changes through clicks and not code! Configure everything from the products on your Website to permissions and roles within Discord when a user enters. The tools are now in your hands!
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Sell Discord Memberships

Monetize It.

Our sophisticated Discord Bot is another employee handling all the manual work for you, giving you back time to focus on growing your community! It will authenticate a new user into your private server, assign a customizable permission set, and remove that user instantly when their subscription expires!
Get In Touch With Us
We respond within 24 hours

We answer all email and requests as they come in. If you have an urgent matter or would like to place an order please click the link below to give us a call.