Bots don't build businesses.
You need SaaS to grow your community.

Whether building your community is a full-time job or part-time passion, Ternary offers you the CRM and e-commerce tools to integrate your systems with your Discord server.

Outdated bots are preventing your community from reaching its full potential

Creators and companies are building big businesses across community platforms. Bots aren’t the answer. Ternary provides a suite of business applications that empower these entrepreneurs to scale.

Ternary is changing the way that creators use Discord to grow their communities and build businesses

Instead of clunky bots, we’ve developed a suite of software tools to improve community management. We’ve simplified the process for managing members, selling memberships, collecting payments, and authenticating users.

You have big plans for your community.

We have big plans for our company.

We believe that creators and communities represent the future of social interaction and business growth.

Our team has worked at large enterprises and built community-based businesses. We built these tools because we needed them, and now we want to share them with you.

Join us and let’s grow together!